Nagpur Motors offers full range of Brake Motors up to 15 Kw in various rpm. These motors have a suitable brake unit mounted on the non-driving cover. In TEFC motors, these are mounted between the end cover and fan inside the fan cover. Unless specific type of brake unit is required by the customers, the motors are supplied with AC or DC Fail Safe type of brake units. Brake Motors can be normally for brake voltages of 24 V, 190 V for DC Brake Motors. Unless otherwise required 190 V DC brake units are supplied. A suitable rectifier unit can also be supplied with the motor. Alternatively customer may make this arrangement in the supply panel.

In these types of Brake Motors, the brakes are normally on and released only when supply is given to the motor and brake unit. Rating of the brake units is by braking torque, which is generally 150% to 300% of full load torque. Unless otherwise specified brake units with approximately 200% braking torque are supplied.